• pH, ORP, Temperature (BBB) Cape

Plug this cape into your Beagle Bone Black (BBB) and obtain highly accurate readings for pH, ORP, and temperature.

This board needs to be supplied with a 12-0-12 Volt AC transformer (2A-3A), which in turn supplies +5VDC to your BBB.

We are using a differential 16 Bit A/D converter (AD7705), and provide you with "C" code to access your data.

Applications include pools, spas, aquariums, public water features, etc..

Board includes 8 buffered outputs which can be used to drive relays to control lights, pumps, and actuators.

Board also includes 4 opto isolated inputs.

Probes and power supply sold separately.

pH, ORP, Temperature (BBB) Cape

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